Deepest Cut is Here!

The boys are here! It’s finally happening! ‘Deepest Cut’ is becoming live the world over and I am so fucking nervous and excited. I love this crew so damn much. I love this world so damn much.

I know alot of you are big fans of Dante and Leo (the messages I get about them, you have no idea) so I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I do.

Because I know you will ask…yes, I want to write more in this world if you guys want it. No spoilers, but the next two I have in mind are about Rodrigo and Dario. You will see why by the end of ‘Deepest Cut.’

I am currently working in a different world than this one, but as I’ve always said, I’ll keep the three universes I write in active for as long as you all keep reading them and wanting them.

Now, go and enjoy the boys! And please leave me a rating on the ‘Zon if you get the chance. It really does help indies like me. I’m so fkn nervous about this being my first MM release so a rating is the quickest way to let me know if you enjoyed it.

Link is here if you want it, and yes it is in KU!

Alessa x

2 thoughts on “Deepest Cut is Here!

  1. I love them!!! I swear if I could be a fly in the wall, love the series but from the beginning these two had my heart!!! Is so great, I mean congrats on such a beautifully great book!!

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