Did you guys spot this?

I was having a *moment* last week, and to cheer myself up I did something SNEAKY.

Did you spot it?

OH. What’s That??? ^^^^^^

Yes, loves, it’s true. Dante and Leo’s story is coming for your hearts this Friday. I thought about releasing it on V-day but I didn’t want to have to deal with the drama of that.

SO. This is your heads up. PREPARE YOURSELF. This is probably the most romantic one of the lot. Is anyone surprised? No? I didn’t think so. Need more details? You can find them here.

Also, I am making ‘Darkest Night’ free on Friday, so if you haven’t given this series a shot, or you have been harassing a friend to read it, this is a good time for them to start!

While I still have your attention, thank you to all of you for the love you’ve shown these absolute misfits. It still blows my mind and I’m so grateful to all of you.

Alessa x

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