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“I want to start by saying none of this was my fault.”

Imogen Ironwood owes the God of the Dead two life debts…and Arawan isn’t the kind of god to let a debt go uncollected.

‘God Touched’ is book two of the new spin-off series in the best-selling ‘Fae Universe,’ featuring everyone’s favorite supernatural hunting family, the Ironwoods. This series is perfect for fans of K.F Breene, Laura Thalassa, CN Crawford, and anyone who loves hot fae princes, kick-ass ladies with sass for days, and Celtic myth!

Trouble and death have followed Imogen Ironwood her entire life. As a hunter, she’s used to both, but screwing with a death god is probably the biggest mistake she’s ever made.

It wasn’t like she asked him to restore her to the land of the living (twice), Imogen only wanted Arawan to help them find Hafgan, Morrigan’s escaped general and Arawan’s oldest enemy. She just didn’t expect Arawan to be hunting her as well.

Imogen knows the world needs Arawan’s help to defeat Hafgan and that working with him is their only option. There’s only one small problem…Arawan is the personification of all of Imogen’s unhealthy obsessions—death, sex, and violence. And falling in love with a god is always going to end in blood and tears.

Please note, ‘God Touched’ is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and sex scenes.

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