All the updates!

Ohhh what’s this?? The first secret book has gone off to my editor and I’m already manically working on the next one. I wanted to show you all *something* to prove that its happening. I’m finding keeping it a secret is making me work with less distractions and lot more creative chaos, but its WORKING. I loved this book, and I know I’m going to love the next two just as much.

Just a few reminders on upcoming releases because I’m getting messaged about them a lot:

  1. Mercenaries omnibus is going to be coming next month sometime. Because I moved up the Dante and Leo book in the schedule, the paperback cover isn’t getting finalized until next month. It is coming, don’t worry. As soon as it’s ready you will get an email and an insta post about it.
  2. The Ironwood audio is still in production and will be available in April. Its a huge boxset for my narrator to get through, but please know, it is coming!
  3. The new covers for the first three Wrath of the Fae are being designed at the moment. I have seen Kian and Bayn’s already and I still haven’t recovered. You’re not ready.

That’s ALL the updates!

Big thank you to everyone who has been giving Leo and Dante all the love. I was so nervous about it but as usual you all just took it in your stride and gave it the love. I appreciate you all so damn much! This is genuinely the nicest community of readers I could ever ask for,

Alessa x

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