Ironwood Audio and surprises for MerMay!

Audio listeners please don’t forget that the ‘Ironwood’ collection is out tomorrow May 9th where ever you listen! It’s like 27 hours long so you’re going to get huge value for money with your Audible credit that’s for sure! It turned out so well and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Grab it here! Need moreContinue reading “Ironwood Audio and surprises for MerMay!”

Mercenaries Paperback is Live, and other updates!

Great news everyone! The omnibus for our rag tag bunch of psychos is now LIVE! Hurray! It was so massive I had to do some creative formatting just to be able to get it approved on the page limit. It’s a big boi and I’m here for it. Grab it here! Other Updates Okay that’sContinue reading “Mercenaries Paperback is Live, and other updates!”