Alessa Thorn loves villains and monsters, and all of her worlds have these misfits as her characters…heroes are boring anyway, so come dance on the dark side.

Gods Universe

This series centers around a future where the old gods walk amongst us, fighting those that want to destroy them and having steamy romances.

The first instalment, ‘The Court of the Underworld’, focuses on Hades and the Greek gods that have built a new city over the ruins of Corinth. The second series ‘The Gods of the Duat’ is based in Egypt and is about the gods of war, magic and the dead. Even though they take place in the same universe, they can be read and enjoyed as separate series’.


Book One


Book Four


Book Seven


Book Ten (Gods of the Duat #3)


Book Two


Book Five


Book Eight (Gods of the Duat #1)


Book Three


Book Six


Book Nine (Gods of the Duat #2)

Wrath of the Fae

The fae have returned to England after fifteen hundred years in exile, burning for revenge against the humans that locked them up…and bringing a world of magic with them. This is a new fated mates series about cursed fae princes and the women destined to save them.

Mercenaries and Magic

This series is a darker contemporary fantasy romance series featuring a found family of mercenaries and treasure hunters, with shady pasts that just won’t stay dead. Only together can they defeat a powerful cult determined to keep magic to themselves and to wipe out anyone who stands in their way.

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