Dark Gods Be Praised!

Surprise! I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that the Gods Universe is coming to audio! I’ve been sitting on this news for months now, and you all know how terrible I am at keeping secrets.

My Gods! In Audio! Eeek!

Now, because I know you’re going to ask:

*I’m unsure on a release date as yet, but they are already in production.

*Yes it will be all ten books

*No, I’m unsure of who is narrating.

As soon as I know you guys will know! I really can’t wait to hear all my gods come to life.

Now, I know the other question is What about Ironwood? Good news there too! It’s also in production with the company I got to do the first one. Unfortunately, the narrator will be different because the others were booked out a whole year in advance (because they are freaking awesome). I have a new guy narrator, Dryw McArthur, who is making me sound WAY funnier than I am. His renditions of the Ironwood ladies bickering absolutely sent me. I’m hoping to have it available in April but will keep you posted.

Phew. That’s a lot of audio heading your way, and I can’t wait!

Alessa x

4 thoughts on “Dark Gods Be Praised!

  1. Yay! I’ve had a rough winter and just re-read the God’s books for the 3rd(?) time to pull me out of a funk. I just love them. I am a professional historian and reading the Hades set makes me want to go to Greece so badly. I need to see shrines to Hades, Minerva, and my boy Thanatos. Great job and I am thrilled others will have the opportunity to be introduced to this badass world. You’re awesome. Looking forward to the next God’s book and The Deepest Cut (which makes me want to visit Istanbul)!

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