‘Toughest Deal’ is live!

Pour the scotch, beloveds, Toughest Deal is here! I can’t WAIT for you to read this one. It was such a delight to be back in this world and I think you can tell I was enjoying every second of it. If you’re on social media, please hold off on spoilers too because this one has a lot of fun reveals! Julian and Altun are everything I needed; aggressive, magical, soft on the inside and hard where it counts. You guys are going to love them. You can grab it here.

I’m realizing as I am writing this, that this is my 20th Alessa book. Holy crap. It’s been a crazy time since I first launched in March 2020, and I’m so grateful for everyone of my readers that I am still here. I had a crazy deal with myself when I was starting, that I would give it 20 books before I gave up on it and stuck to my cubicle. I’m lucky that it took me a lot less than that before I could quit my day job and do this full time. But wow. I made it! Thank you!

Now that mushy stuff is out of the way, I have been busily working on ‘Deepest Cut’ over the holidays (I can’t help myself Dante and Leo are the best) so you guys won’t have too long to wait. I have had some ideas for two other books too, but I’ll let you guys read this lot before I pitch them to you.

Now, go and read ‘Toughest Deal’! Also, if you love it, please make sure you leave it a little rating on the ‘Zon. It really does help other readers find them, and I always appreciate it like its a little cyber hug.

Alessa x

2 thoughts on “‘Toughest Deal’ is live!

  1. Thank you so much for the series, this book is everything, I love your incredible good writing skills and these characters!!!

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