You asked for a date, I listened…

Firstly, huge massive thank you’s to all of you reading ‘Toughest Deal’ at the moment! As you know, I’ve been a bit nervous about releasing in the Mercenaries world after such a long break. You guys have made me feel all the love! The comments, messages and reviews have filled my crusty old heart with so much happiness.

I have been getting asked ALOT about Dante and Leo for obvious reasons (they are amazing and we are all feral for them), so I have decided to put up a pre-order for it. Two pre-orders in a row, I know it’s insane 😛 BUT I have finished some drafts and I’m into the editing/ polishing stage so I thought, Fuck it. Let’s do a pre-order again. You can find it here, and below is a blurb to get you excited.


The Aurora cult is down to one last powerful member. The enemy of my enemy can be a friend, and the Edgeworths might have to make a deal with the devil herself if they are going to succeed in stopping Serapis.

‘Deepest Cut’ is the fourth book in ‘Mercenaries and Magic,’ a fast-paced, contemporary fantasy series full of morally gray characters, found family, passionate romance, and dark humor.

Years ago, Leo left his family with two bullets in his chest and decades full of hurt and resentment. He’ll do anything to protect the Edgeworths and Dante from being Colleoni collateral damage, even if it means becoming their ally once more. They have information on Serapis that the Edgeworths need, and Leo is dragged back into the hell of his old life in exchange for it.

Dante isn’t about to let Leo going into hell alone, he would be a terrible Beatrice if he did. He is determined to protect Leo; from his family, the Aurora and himself. Dante loves a challenge, and keeping Leo with him is always going to be worth the fight. Leo isn’t going to make it easy on him, but it wouldn’t be fun if he did. The fight with Serapis is going to dredge up all of their old insecurities, forcing them to face the darkest parts of themselves and each other.

The past is never what it seems, and the whole of the Edgeworth crew are going to learn there have been greater forces pulling their strings for decades. Serapis might believe he’s a master of chaos magic, but he’s never encountered chaos like the Edgeworths. They have something stronger than magic—they have each other.

‘Deepest Cut’ is an M/M contemporary fantasy romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.


Oh yeah.This one is crazy, and my boys are ridiculous when it comes to feelings. I literally couldn’t stop writing it once I started. It was insane, and I loved every second of it.

As usual, I’ll be sharing some sneaky chapters in the next couple of weeks so make sure you keep your eyes open!

Alessa x

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