‘Toughest Deal’ Treats! And Chap 3!

It’s getting closer to the holidays, so I thought it’s time for some treats! Delicious spicy ones.

First up, ‘Toughest Deal’ has a pre-order here for those who have been asking for it! Yes, it’s true, I have my shit together enough for a pre-order. I’m as shocked as you. It’s a short one too because I’m releasing this one on January 3rd. Hurray!

Here is a quick blurb for you:

The occult group Aurora is closing in on the Edgeworths, and they are going to need Altun, the Sorceress of Istanbul, to help them if they are going to stay alive.

Altun Baruk’s shady past with the Aurora and her vengeful sister, Dee, have finally caught up with her. She needs the Edgeworths muscle to back up her magic, and a damn good artefact to use as bait, if she’s going to have any chance of stopping Dee once and for all.

Julian Burbank is obsessive and curious by nature, and there’s something about Altun that he can’t get out of his head. Julian likes to be neutral when it comes to other people’s fights, but when Dee firebombs his office, all bets are off — and working closely with Altun again is a just delicious perk of the job. Julian loves a challenge, and he won’t stop until Dee is in the ground and Altun is in his bed.

Julian and Altun both know a good deal when they see it, but working together and fighting their growing feelings for each other will be the toughest one they ever make.

‘Toughest Deal’ is’ a contemporary fantasy romance series that contains graphic violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.


I know, right? DAMN is this book fun. It has been a while since I’ve written in this world so I let myself do whatever the fk I wanted. The Edgeworths are as chaotic as ever, with loads of spice and an extra dosing of magic and madness. I am working hard on ‘Deepest Cut’ at the moment so you won’t have too long to wait (I’m tentatively saying the end of March).

I have also made ‘Darkest Night’ free for the 14th of December so if you haven’t tried out this series yet, now is your chance!

Okay, because it’s the holidays, and I like to give you more NICE THINGS, here is NSFW ‘Chapter Three’ for a spicy, smutty snack to brighten your day. Don’t forget to read Chapters One and Two before this one!


Chapter Three

For the first time in a long time, a flash of anticipation and nervous energy shot through Altun’s body. Julian carefully removed his cuff links and rolled up his sleeves. Colorful tattoos covered his arms, revealing the thug under the exquisite tailoring.

Underneath all the polish and veneer he put on to make people comfortable, Julian was an animal. A gorgeous predator with his silver-streaked hair and beard, cold eyes, and hard body.

Altun had felt the danger the moment they had met, and the hair on the back of her neck had risen in warning. She had always chosen betas for her bed, someone who wouldn’t make a fuss when she inevitably sent them on their way. It was because she was a predator too.

When Altun had first encountered Julian in Istanbul, the problem wasn’t that someone else was pissing in her territory; it was that for the first time she had met someone she wanted to push until they showed fang.

They called him the Butcher of Belgravia for a reason, and she had seen him almost beat a man to death with his bare hands. He was savage when he let himself be, and once she had seen it, the polished Julian could never fool her again.

Altun wanted to see what Julian looked like when all the violence and carnality came to the surface, raw and feral. She wanted to see his real face and see if he flinched when she showed him hers.

That wanting was too dangerous and distracting, which was why she had laughed off his offer to spend the night with him and sent him on his way. She’d thought he was toying with her, but the look he was wearing now was deadly serious. He was a hunter who got a bait she couldn’t resist, and now she was caught. The Butcher had come out to play.

Julian took off her cape jacket, placing it beside his own, and Altun let him maneuver her up against the door behind his desk. With quick movements, he took off his black suspenders and bound her hands.

“Confident of you to think that you can get me off in less than an hour,” she couldn’t resist provoking him.

Julian lifted her tied hands above her head and placed them over the sturdy coat hook on the door.

“Stop assuming this is going to be for your benefit.” Julian tugged off his expensive silk tie and tied it over her mouth. “I wouldn’t want you to make too much noise and worry anyone in the waiting room.”

Altun rolled her eyes, and he just chuckled, a husky sound she liked way too much.

Julian tugged on the tie of her dress and unwrapped it to reveal her green and black satin lingerie. She liked to co-ordinate her outfits down to her skin, and the way Julian’s blue eyes roamed over her told her he appreciated it.

She didn’t squirm against the scrutiny. A deal was a deal, and for the next hour, she would let him do whatever he wanted to her. It was worth it for the seeing stone, and it was hardly the first time she had sold her body.

Altun let Julian stare at the three scars on her soft stomach where Dee had stabbed her over and over, and the bruises from the fight at the snuff party two days beforehand.

Julian’s finger slid over one scar. She rarely let anyone touch them, and the sensation was jarring.

“Did Dee do this to you?” his voice was deadly cold.

Altun nodded. She was suddenly grateful for the tie in her mouth preventing her from saying anything else.

Julian went to his knees in front of her and licked the scar. Altun tried not to shy away as he treated the others with the same attention. His hands were rougher than she expected from a white-collar dealer, another indication that he wasn’t only the well-mannered man he put on for the world.

Julian tugged the front of her bra down so her breasts popped out over the top. He made a sound in the back of his throat that had her pussy clenching reflexively. His warm mouth closed over one of her burgundy nipples and sucked it roughly.

Altun moaned, unable to pretend to be unaffected by him. His hard hands gripped her hips to steady her, and Altun lost all sense of time as he began to slowly and aggressively work her over.

By the time he moved down further, her breasts were covered in sensitive suck marks and were flushing red from the scrape of his beard. A trickle of sweat slid down her back as he worked his way across her stomach. Altun hoped he didn’t notice the embarrassing tremble in her legs.

Julian’s mouth pressed to her satin covered mound, and she let out a surprised squeak as the heat seared her. He slid a finger under the edge of her panties and glided it down to her center. Altun’s face burned when he found out how wet she was.

Julian didn’t gloat about it, merely tugged the fabric so her panties slid down her thighs. He lifted one of her legs over his strong shoulder and stared up at her. His blue eyes were as vicious as she had ever seen them. Cold realization slapped her in the face.

This wasn’t sex; this was war.

Without looking away from her, Julian licked her pussy. Altun groaned, her spit soaking through the silk of the tie. Julian’s hands slid around to grip her ass to hold her tight to him. Altun was pinned and helpless to do anything but hang there and take everything he gave her.

Julian knew exactly how hard to nip and soothe her. It was fucking torture. His tongue slid inside of her, and she rose on tiptoes, unable to take the sensation of him fucking it in and out of her.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she felt like a raw nerve, every touch blurred with pleasure and pain. One rough finger pressed inside of her, and she ground against it, needing release so badly, she could cry.

Julian seemed to sense whenever she was getting close because he would back off, robbing her of coming every time. She wanted him to fuck her already.

Julian had no interest in giving her what she wanted. He had told her outright that it would not be about her, and now she believed it.

Julian put her other leg over his shoulder, so he was taking her full weight as he feasted on her relentlessly. He added another finger and thrust into her. Altun couldn’t look away as he fucked her hard with them, driving her towards the edge again.

She was dripping wet, and when his other hand traced over her back hole, all she could do was rock her hips helplessly against him, her cries smothered by her gag.

Altun’s orgasm hit her so hard, she screamed, her legs tightening around Julian’s head as she rode his hands and face. She felt a tear leak from her eyes, and she blinked it away, horrified that he had wrung it out of her.

Julian finally pulled his fingers from her before lowering his mouth back down and licking the come out of her. Altun whimpered as he undid her again.

Altun’s legs were shaking when he finally kissed her inner thighs and placed her feet back on the ground. He gently pulled her underwear back on and kissed his way back up to her breasts before righting her bra once more.

His hair and shirt were askew from her thighs, but he didn’t look remotely flustered. His predator eyes were glowing with leashed control and emotion as he stared down at her.

With care, he retied her dress and wiped the tear from her cheek. He stared at it on his thumb for a long moment before sucking it into his mouth. Somehow that was more intimate than what they had just done. It made her feel like he had taken something from her she hadn’t been willing to give.

Altun was shaking, unsure of what the fuck had just happened. Julian hadn’t said a word the whole time.

He turned and took a knife from the drawer in his desk. Altun didn’t move as he slid the flat of the blade under the tie and cut the fabric free from her mouth. She took a shaky breath, speechless, as he ran his thumb over her lips.

She wanted him to kiss her to break the tension, but he didn’t. He lifted the knife and cut the suspenders, freeing her wrists. He tossed the knife onto his desk and rubbed her hands and wrists, checking for damage.

Altun leaned forward, her mouth a hair’s breadth from his, daring him to close the distance. The alarm on Julian’s phone went off, breaking the strange spell and making them both jump.

“That’s our hour,” Julian said, stepping back from her and turning the alarm off. He picked up the red box and placed it into her hand.

Altun pulled herself together and straightened her shoulders. “Pleasure doing business with you, Burbank.”

“We’ll have to do it again sometime,” he replied.

Altun pulled on her cape. “You would have to come to Istanbul for that.”

“Yes, I would,” he replied, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked like a ruffled sex dream with a murderer’s eyes. “I could do with a holiday, and Istanbul is so nice this time of year.”

Altun needed to get the fuck out while she still had some dignity. She strode toward the door, giving him a small wave over her shoulder. “Thanks for the orgasm. I’ll see you soon, Burbank.”

“Count on it,” Julian said, but Altun didn’t turn. She knew a threat when she heard it.


OOOF. Julian and Altun are pure FIRE in this book. I can’t wait for you experience the rest of their story for yourself! It is going to be live on January 3, but you can pre-order it here, and yes, it is going to be in KU.

Hope you all have a safe holidays,

Alessa x

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