New ‘Court’ Covers Launch

I was going to kick this off next week but I need the shenanigans to keep me from going crazy in lockdown. Please note, the boxset covers are also getting a revamp but they are coming soon. For the moment the old covers will remain on Amazon. My designer really nailed these, so make sure you look in the background at all the cool stuff she has hidden!

I am going to be sharing one new cover per day on Instagram along with my fave quote from the book, AND that book is also going to be FREE. That’s right, 7 books, 7 days, 7 deals!

Okay ASTERION is up obviously up first! He is Free tomorrow on Aug 6th. Beware quotes may contain minor spoilers!


Asterion raised an eyebrow. “I just decided to spare your life, and you’re going to argue about what I call you?”  

“You just decided to temporarily spare my life, and I’d like you to call me Ariadne because I fucking hate being called Spindle. I’m a person, not a code word. Also, who knows what kind of punishment a man who owns a gladiator arena can think up? I might end up dying in some fucked up exotic way like having my nipples eaten off by scorpions,” Ariadne argued before realizing what she had said, and choked down a bubble of laughter.  

“Stop that,” Asterion commanded, trying to stop himself from smiling. “Absurd woman, as if I’d get scorpions to eat your nipples. They are the only part of you I don’t feel wronged by.”

Get your FREE copy here!

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