THOTH Blurb and Update

THOTH has gone off to the editors, and I’m hard at work this month prepping it’s release. I’m hoping to release it early September but I will let you know a solid date when I have it. I wanted to quickly thank all of you who are reading SET at the moment too, I really appreciate all the support and shout outs its been getting.

Here is a draft blurb of THOTH!

Thoth, the god of magic, has to find out what happened to Anubis. The last thing he needs is to have to deal with a rogue sorcerer tearing up Alexandria… 

Thirteen years ago, Thoth made a terrible mistake. He helped a human get out of an arranged marriage, and in return, she stole one of his precious books. When dangerous supernatural creatures start appearing in Alexandria, Thoth knows his book and the bride are to blame.

Kema loves magic. She has a book of it she can’t read, but that’s not going to stop her from trying to use it in her fortune telling business. A girl has to make a living after all, and what harm could come from reading a book?

When Thoth finds Kema instead of the dangerous sorcerer he was expecting, he makes her a deal… she has to help him capture all the creatures she’s set loose in Alexandria. If she refuses, there’s a spot in the Duat that Thoth has already picked out for a thief like her. 

Kema has a way of wriggling under Thoth’s defenses and sparks a fire inside of him he’s never felt before. She is dangerous, infuriating, utterly irresistible… and he can’t get enough of her. 

Drawn into the world of gods and magic, Kema joins the hunt for Anubis and discovers that she might have found the family she’s always been looking for… and that love might not be a con after all.  

Thoth is the second book of the ‘Gods of the Duat’ series. Please note, it is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.

2 thoughts on “THOTH Blurb and Update

  1. Looking forward to this next book. Set was such a good read and I love your creative take on the Egyptian mythology genre.


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