Thoth Draft is DONE

I wanted to drop in and give you a quick update and say THOTH draft one is DONE. It’s gone off to my proof reader who is sending me lots of excitable texts, which is always a good sign.

I’ve been locked down for most of drafting this book so it’s going to need some serious edits, but I’m hoping to get them knocked out this month and get THOTH to you by the first week of September. It’s a bit different to my others (cos you know I like to keep you on your toes), there is loads of magic and action too which makes it really fun.

In other news I have selected my narrators for the ‘Wrath of the Fae’ audiobook. That’s right, the whole 3 book box set is getting done as one audio book. It’s going to be nearly 18 hours long so you’re going to have lots to listen to. I love audiobooks so I am really excited about the whole process. It’s still going to take a couple of months to record and produce but you should have it before Christmas.

This month (I can’t believe its August) I am going to focus on edits for THOTH and gearing up to start writing ANUBIS. I have so many notes and research and outlines for this one, so I’m going to make sure I have everything sorted before I dive right in. Anubis has always been my favorite Egyptian God, and I’m so excited and kind of intimidated to jump into his story.

Also, how great is my THOTH cover? I haven’t done a big cover reveal with it, because I already had it at the back of SET, for those who kept reading. I do love it though, those tats, the books, everything is 100% our God of Magic.

Speaking of covers, I’m looking forward to launching the new ‘Court of the Underworld’ covers hopefully this month. They are UNREAL. I’m just about leaping out of my skin to show them off, but I’m going to be good and wait for my final files so you can all appreciate that shit in High Res. I’m going to do some free days to launch them too, so keep an eye out for that.

That’s all I have to really say for myself, I’m just recovering my brain and getting ready for the next adventure!

Alessa x

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