Interview about SET with New in Books!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly share this short interview I did with ‘New in Books’ about our lovable God of War. Click here to read it!

I wanted to thank you all so much for reading, rating and reviewing SET, I’m so fucking grateful that you continue to like my weird books so that I can keep writing them.

We have gone into our fifth lockdown here in Melbourne which is a drag, but it’s also giving me time to get really stuck into THOTH. It’s so much fun to be writing a God of Magic again. As promised, Hermes has turned up in this one and is stirring everyone up like he does. His arguments with Thoth are pretty epic and hilarious.

If I don’t go crazy from being locked down with a puppy and a partner working at home, then I am hoping to get a rough draft done by the end of the month.

I’m trying to be kinder to myself if I need to slow down a bit. This time of year is usually a lull for me, being the middle of winter with the weather wet and miserable as hell. Thoth is definitely keeping me interested and on task which is helping.

I hope you’re all well and safe wherever you are,

Alessa xx

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