Surprise everyone! Our fave God of War is live! I managed to get through the proof reads and final formatting super quick, and being impatient AF I decided to just make it live.

I hope you enjoy this one, its been living in my head since I first started writing the Court books so it’s been a long time coming.

In other news, I’ve been busy doing updates, re-structuring and working with my designer on new covers for the Court series. I had a computer blow up and had to get a new laptop so I’ve felt the last few weeks has been super chaotic.

I’ve already started working on THOTH too, but I’m taking it a bit easy and gentle with myself. I’ve had a mental life admin month and I’m a bit fried so I’m not pushing the word count too hard (yet). It’s tax time here in Australia so I’m having to catch up on a lot of admin. I’m hoping to get everything wrapped up by the first week of July so I can get stuck back into drafting new words!

Heres a SET Description if you need it…or you can grab it right here!

Once, Set had been a god of the deserts, with war and storms in his veins. He was a beast of cunning, strength and protection, annihilation and destruction… 

Now, masquerading as a human mercenary, he was nothing but a thug for hire. 

SET is the first book in the new series ‘Gods of the Duat’ that centers around the Egyptian gods of war, magic and the dead. This series is perfect for readers who love their heroes dark and dirty, and their heroines strong and feisty.

Set thinks it’s going to be another boring day in Egypt when he’s asked to protect his boss’s secret daughter. Then he sees Doctor Ayla Neilos in the flesh and the god inside of him wakes for the first time in centuries.

Before he was known as a god of war, Set had been a god of protection, and he isn’t going to let anything happen to Ayla, no matter the cost.

As a doctor used to working in war zones, Ayla thought she would be prepared for the worst kind of conflict. That is until she’s kidnapped and then saved by a massive mercenary determined to keep her safe.

Not only does Ayla learn her father isn’t dead, but she’s also being baby sat by a god of war. A god who isn’t exactly acting like the villain that the stories have made him out to be.

Trying to hide from bounty hunters is hard enough, but neither Ayla or Set is going to be prepared for what they awaken in each other. With half of Egypt wanting them dead, they will both pay the ultimate price to keep each other safe.

Please note, SET is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes.

Have fun reading!

Keep safe and wearing them masks,

Alessa x

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