Blood Prince Updates

This morning I have finished my final edits on ‘Kiss of the Blood Prince’ and it’s all ready to go to my editors! I don’t know if you all saw my post on Insta but I REWROTE this sucker in the past fortnight, changing it from first person to third. I was determined to write it in first, and did, and then HATED it. I really loved the characters, story and the ‘beginning of something bigger’ vibe but the first person had to go. It was a good reminder and learning experience to stick to third because I love it so much.

I am now busily starting the second book, and prepping some pretty things to use as cover reveals in the new year. The next two books are really going to open up the world of the Fae and humans living together but this first one I wanted to be a real beginning, with the characters being more one on one. In all honesty, I’m pretty exhausted with 2020 burnout, so it was nice working on something more intimate this way, with only one main location etc.

It’s a wintery story so I am going to do my best to release it in January, but it really will depend on editors holidays and availability. I’m tossing up whether to release this as an ARC first, but still debating. I’ll let you know how that goes once I can think straight again!

I hope you all have a great holiday season wherever you are in the world,

Alessa x

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