Heart of the Winter Prince – Cover Reveal!

I am terrible at waiting so I’m doing my title and cover reveal for this one early! I won’t share a description until book one, ‘Kiss of the Blood Prince’ is out later this month, but LOOK AT IT. I’m so obsessed with the covers for this series, they are all kind of a bit goth and romantic, so on brand.

I will say though that this book is pretty different to book one. I only have three books planned in this particular world, so I’m really trying to make them all feel different, and give you guys different locations to add the fun. I’m really weak for relics and magical artifacts, so those things do play a role in this one, but from a different angle to what we saw with the ‘Court’ books. I’m 15k words in and gaining good momentum to have a first draft finished off by the end of the month.

What else can I share is in it? Well, there is a mostly Scandinavian location, viking metal clubs, Frozen jokes (come on, he’s the Winter Prince, I couldn’t help it), Magic daggers, Odin stories, elves, a grumpy alpha who is a secret cinnamon roll, a feisty viking female…in other words, a real fun fucking time.

Hope you all survived the holiday period and are trying to look forward to 2021!

Alessa x

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