3 Day Box Set Promo

Just swinging in to remind you all that ‘The Court of the Underworld Vol. 1’ is going on a FREE promo this weekend, so make sure you grab a copy if you don’t have them all yet, and tell your friends and family who you have been trying to convince to read them! Grab it here.

If you’re not on Instagram you won’t have seen me talking about a series I want to write about Roman Goddesses in the same world that the Court books are based. I’m super excited about the concept, and have spent my morning jotting down a heap of plot points for one of the books based on Bellona, the Roman goddess of War. I’m still planning to write ‘Gods of the Duat’ first (Egyptian Gods!) and finish the fae trilogy I’m working on (book 1 is almost finished draft 1), but I’m really loving the idea of ‘Dark Goddesses.’

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Alessa x

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