Blood Prince Blurb!

Finally, I have a blurb for you!

No one was ready for when our world ended. 

We had stopped believing in magic, and how dangerous the fae could be. 

And it could doom us all. 

Human kings betrayed the fae over a thousand years ago, and now they have returned to England for payback. 

I thought my biggest problem was my crap job and lack of a love life. When my train home is attacked by a pissed off fae prince and I’m taken as his slave, my problems are only just beginning. 

Locked in the prince’s castle and cut off from the world that’s burning, my only thoughts are on surviving.

I want to hate the prince for what he’s doing to me and to England, but the longer I stay as his slave, the more I learn about what atrocities the humans have done to him and his people. 

The prince has spent the last fifteen hundred years nursing his hatred, and I don’t know how I can convince him that both races could live peacefully together. If I don’t, England is going to be wiped clean and recreated as the new Faerie.  

I don’t want to have empathy for this beautiful monster. It doesn’t matter that desire burns between us like a lit fuse and that his body feels like it was made for me.

He needs my blood to break the curse that’s killing him. 

I need to break his curse to win my freedom.  

A deal is a deal, right? 

Once a bargain is struck with the fae, there’s no breaking it.I don’t have a choice, but will my freedom be worth it if I lose my heart in the process? 

Kiss of the Blood Prince is the first book in a new cursed mates romance trilogy, that is perfect for readers who love the fae and adult enemies to lovers stories.

Sounds FUN right?! It’s been so different to write, and I have been enjoying the challenges as they have been popping up. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, but I’m into the final third of drafting it and I’m really happy with how it’s pulling together.

I hope you are all keeping safe and sane as possible,

Alessa x

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