Cover Reveal!

Okay, so I’ve started writing this one but I couldn’t sit on this sexy ass cover anymore. I love it so much.

If you follow my Instagram, you would’ve seen that I was derailed with another project in October so it put my schedule for beginning my new trilogy ‘Wrath of the Fae’ back a few weeks. Big, shitty project is now over and I’m jumping head first into my Fae Apocalypse world. It’s so weird to be writing outside of Greece, and in first person. It’s only a few books, and I’ll hope the change of location (England!) will give me a nice clean slate. I love fae stories, but the scarier type. The premise is that there are three cursed fae princes that want to give humans a good old butt kicking before their curse kills them. I’ll have a proper description up soon for them, but I can tell you now, they are going to be dark and fun.

I’ve been researching my butt off and getting back into Egyptian gods, so everything is fresh in my brain when I start writing, ‘Gods of the Duat’ my working title for the Egyptian Underworld gods trilogy I want to write next year. Yes, it’s based in the same world as the ‘Court’ books, I’m going to Egypt to find Anubis because Hermes had to mention that he met him stuck in his jackal form, but was too drunk to help. Because thats Hermes. And then it got lodged in my brain so now, Egyptian Gods books.

I’ve got two free book promos this week to help with the Election hellscape that is this week…THANATOS on Friday, and ASTERION on Sunday and Monday.

Stay well and self care!

Alessa x

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