October Update

Look at this beauty! Yes, the second boxset is now Live every where if you are the boxset type…there is also a sneak peek of ‘Wrath of the Fae’ in the back because you know I can’t resist a good teaser.

I want to thank you all for the love you’ve showed EREBUS since its release, and the whole Court of the Underworld series. I usually don’t read reviews for my own sanity but the ones that have already popped up for EREBUS have been so lovely – so thank you, I needed the pick me up as I’m in my 8th month of lockdown and its really getting to me. I really couldn’t be living my dream as a full time writer without all of YOU helping me on this journey. I’m so fucking grateful, this year has been a shit show in so many ways but not this. This series has been all joy all the time and has been the thing to really keep my sane.

In new book news, I have seen the final concept of the cover of ‘Kiss of the Blood Prince’ book 1 of Wrath, and sweet Baby Yoda, is it crazy good. Once I get some final files I’ll organize a cover reveal because I won’t be able to sit on it and not share it. It’s blingy and bloody perfection.

I have completed an in detail chapter plans for Book 1 and already working on the plan for Book 2. I’m having to wrap up another big pain of project this month that unfortunately is time intensive, BUT I will have it done by the month and will start drafting Blood Prince as soon as its out of my hair. I’m just about leaping out of my skin every time I think about it so I’m hoping that I’ll get it drafted and into editing relatively quickly. We are coming into holiday season which can mess up schedules with people having time off and shit so I’m hoping it doesn’t slow things down too much.

I hope you are all staying safe, wearing your masks and reading something delicious. I’ve just got into C N Crawford’s newest one ‘Fallen’ and its rocking my socks if you need a rec.

Alessa x

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