Erebus is Live!

The sexy shadow boi is now live for your reading enjoyment! Pour yourselves something nice to drink because this one is a ride. I’ve always had the biggest girl crush on Medea so it was such a dream to write her vicious ass into this series. The second boxset will also be up in the next few days if you’re a boxset person.

ALSO, in the back of this one I have given you some early chapters of the new fae series I’ve been telling you about. Jump over to my Instagram and let me know what you think of them. I haven’t written in first person for ages, so its a really nice change…one that I need after seven books of third. I’ve got to tie up another big ass project this month so I’ll be jumping into the fae series starting November.

Enough from me! You can grab EREBUS here…and please grab hard because you know he likes it rough.

Alessa x

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