Erebus Cover Reveal!

Would you look at that! Be still, my shrivelled black heart. Look at his little shadows! I’m so in love. Okay, I have my shit together a lot better this month so see below for a rough draft description for this final (sob) book of ‘The Court of the Underworld.’ I say it’s the last, but honestly I love this world, so while it might not be a direct Court book, I have other ideas kicking about for other Greek myth characters…not to mention those weird and bad ass Egyptian Underworld Gods.

EREBUS is getting its final round of editing done as we speak so I’m definitely on track to get it to you by the middle of next month. I’ve waited a LONG time to write a Medea book and I adore her!


The titan of darkness clashes with the witch queen of Corinth in this final and epic instalment of The Court of the Underworld.

Erebus let his monstrous side loose in order to save Medea from Darius, but pushing it back down is proving more challenging than he expected. It fact, it’s almost bloody impossible when the beautiful and terrifying witch is trying to fight him every chance she gets. But damn, is it fun.

After fifteen years of being experimented on, Medea, the most hated woman in all of Greek history, is free and planning her revenge on Darius and his followers. She needs to keep her rage and madness under control, and being around a certain titan makes all of worst impulses rise to the surface.

As Darius’s final plan to start a war between man and gods is finally revealed, Erebus and Medea are going to have to work together and embrace each other’s dark sides in order to save Styx…and maybe even each other in the process. 

I’m telling you guys, its going to be a blast! I’m also going to do my best to get some chapters written of the first ‘Wrath of the Fae’ book for the back so you can get a feel for some of the chaos that’s on the way

Keep safe and wear your mask,

Alessa x

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