Charon Cover Reveal!

Bam! Look at the gloriousness that is our Ferry Man! YIKES. I’m not going to lie, I’ve stared at this cover so much in the past few days that I feel like we are going steady and are one step off picking out bed sheets together. He is just too much.

I apologise for not having a description to share as well, I still don’t have a version I am happy with and I’m in general having a really fucking weird month. I’ve been up to my eyeballs editing/rewriting another project and I’m pretty certain its breaking my brain. I’m also looking at letting go of the day job and figuring out how that’s going to work in the short term. This year has been huge and I’m a bit fucked to be honest.

Hoping to be done with the other writing project this weekend and have a good think about when I’m going to release CHARON out into the world. I LOVE this story. Obsessed. And I want to make sure its perfect before I release it. It needs a few rounds with my editor etc so I’m still aiming for September but unsure on a date. Those that have read THANATOS (I see you! Thank you!) will know Circe is about to make her grand appearance and I couldn’t be more excited. The sorceress of Aeaea has always been a fave character of mine in myth so it was such a blast to write her into our little world of Styx.

Hope you all are keeping well and safe, wearing your masks, and doing some kind of self care. I’m trying to do yoga everyday while I’m in lockdown (we are only allowed out an hour a day – fml) so trying to find that inner peace as opposed to my inner alcoholic.

Alessa x

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