Thanatos is Live!

You read that title right, my freaky darlings, the Sexy Death Boy is now Live on Amazon and KDP for your weekend reading pleasure! I’m so happy you guys will finally get to read this one. As I mentioned a few blogs ago (I think…what is time atm?) the Triplets books aren’t any kind of retellings, they are all completely new stories about your fave threesome and I hope you get a kick out of them as much as I do.

I’m feeling rather tired and manic because I finished Erebus last night/this morning. Think was about 2am when I finally crashed but I am sooo obsessed with this book I’m all ready screwing about with edits this morning.

I’m off, please (you know I was going to say it) if you are reading and enjoying the Court books, don’t forget to leave me a little review on Amazon so the bots can get it into the hands of other readers.

Alessa x

Get Thanatos HERE

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