Hades Baby!

Boom! Look at that handsome ass man! If you follow my Instagram you would’ve seen this cover reveal a few days ago but I got caught up editing said hotness so I’m only just getting to the blog now. My bad, but between Corona and editing and deadlines and the Medusa release I’ve been all over the place trying to stay on top of life. On that note, THANK YOU to everyone of you that’s reading Asterion and Medusa – I see you! Please don’t forget to leave a review if you get a spare second as it helps the Amazon bots get my books into new readers.

Okay a few words about HADES. I fucking love this book. It’s the book I first wanted to write when I decided to write the Court of the Underworld series…but when I got into it I realised there had to be some world set up and building before I got to it. But damn, when I did, Hades bought the thunder. Those of you who are up to date with the other two books might have already picked up on my serious Hades crush already and so you will understand how utterly pumped I was to finally write it. In the next week it will be sent off to my editor and then I will busily finalise everything and launch it.

That’s right, kids, no pre-order campaign. Why? Well, I’d prefer just to release it once its ready and not wait. I’m super impatient like that. Also, with Corona, there is no real set time frames and I can’t expect the same kind of tight turn arounds from my beta readers and my editor. It’s just not realistic. So that’s it…I’ll release HADES as soon as its ready to go.

In other Court news, the HERMES covers are currently being finalised and I’ll start on my final edits of it in the next few weeks. I’ve passed half way writing THANATOS, which is book 5, and while its taking a bit longer, it’s still getting written and its kind of keeping me sane at the moment. I’m planning out CHARON and EREBUS, the final two in the Court of the Underworld series. God willing, I’ll get them all into your hands by the end of 2020.

Here’s a HADES description for you to ogle over (I love Persephone, omg this book you guys):

A demigoddess that can give life with one hand and take it with the other, clashes with the God of the Dead and all of its domains…it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. 

There’s nothing that Hades Acheron hates more than someone messing with his business. Two members of his Court have already been crossed by the shady and powerful gang Pithos, and the Lord of Styx is ready to take matters into his own hands.

When an informants trail leads back to his business partner Demeter, Queen of Athens and her business ‘Morning Harvest,’  he’s prepared to be as ruthless as he needs to be to find out why she’s decided to double cross him.

If Demeter wants a war, Hades will give it to her, and decides to take the one thing Demeter cherishes over her empire; her daughter Persephone.

Despite appearances, Persephone is no pampered princess. With a curse to create life in one hand and control death with the other, she’s going to make life Hell for her kidnappers. When it’s revealed that she’s the unwilling guest of Hades Acheron, the most cold hearted and handsome bastard alive, she knows there will be no way of escaping him unscathed.

The Lord of the Underworld isn’t inclined to let enemies go unpunished, and it will take more than the irresistible demigoddess to stop him getting his revenge. 

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