Mad, mad, Hermes

My mad-as -shit trickster god of magic and mayhem is almost ready to be unleashed on the world! If you saw my cover reveal and description (both below) on Instagram, you will know that I’m super excited to kick off this next instalment of ‘The Court of the Underworld.’ I seriously loved writing this book because having a main character who has lost his mind is all kinds of challenging to write, not to mention this one isn’t based off any story in mythology unlike the first three books. Why? Well, the truth is Hermes is a jerk that turned up at the end of Hades and demanded that I write a book about him.

I couldn’t find a Hermes story that fit comfortable into the Styx world I had built so I decided lets do a whole new story. Selene is a character that has been around in the first three books and the idea of having this take no shit, sweet nurse going toe to toe with Hermes was too fun to pass up. I really love the new energy and set up that comes with a whole new story, so I really let myself go wild and enjoy myself.

Hermes also is the end of the unofficially named ‘Phase 1’ of ‘The Court’ books. It ties off some story ARCS with some baddies while setting up for ‘Phase 2’ which is, you guessed it, THE TRIPLETS BOOKS. Ahem. As you can tell, I’m losing my mind writing these ones and having a shit load of fun. Their order of release will be THANATOS, CHARON and EREBUS, and the infernal gods willing, they will start to be released as of August. I’ve been doing a release a month since March, so I’m taking July off publishing to get EREBUS written and have a break. I really want all three books done before I start releasing again because I’m obsessed with continuity and I want these ones to be really tight story line wise.

Like Hermes, the triplets are titans with stories that are all fresh and sparkly new. The triplets are already fan faves so I really wanted to have fun and do something different with their stories. One small hint of the brewing chaos….the sorceresses are coming to Styx and its going to be a hell of a good time.

This afternoon I have finished penning the first draft of CHARON and I’m so tired and elated. It’s the second book I’ve managed to finish while in lock down, and I can definitely see the different vibe in the triplets books because of the dark hellscape that has been 2020. That’s not to say they won’t be full of all your fave characters raising hell, kissing inappropriate people and other shenanigans. There’s still plenty of that going on. I’m also super conscious that EREBUS is the last in the series (at least at this stage) so I really want to go out with a bang and tie everything in a sexy bow.

HERMES is still in editing but I’m hoping to get it out into the world by the end of the month. As soon as its ready I’ll put it up and shout it out on Instagram and here on the blog. In the meantime, please be kind to each other and listen to each other as the world continues to feel like its burning.

Alessa x

The god of magic has lost his mind. Literally. A reluctant nurse with a healing touch may have the power to save him…She only needs to be convinced.

HERMES is the fourth book in a new paranormal romance series, based in a dark, sexy city ruled by Hades and his court of gods and monsters.

If you like a no-nonsense heroine with an attitude to keep even a mad god in check, you’ll enjoy this fun instalment of ‘The Court of the Underworld.’

Thanks to a curse he can’t remember getting, Hermes’s memories are locked away so tight that even the god of thieves has no way of picking the locks. After twenty years of being held prisoner, he’s not even sure he wants them back.

Selene has worked off her shitty ex-boyfriend’s debt to Hades, but the Lord of Styx can’t be denied when he wants something. He needs Hermes back and the information he has on Pithos to take them down forever, and he wants Selene to help him get it.

It doesn’t matter that the mad god kind of scares parts of her and makes other bits heat up, Hermes is refusing to tolerate anyone else and for a god of boundaries…he sure has none.

HERMES is a new story based on characters from Greek Myth. It contains adult content, including violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.

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