Medusa Pre-Order is Live

With everything going on, I decided to release MEDUSA a whole month early! Okay to be fair, I needed something to look forward to as well and releasing books SPARKS JOY. If you been over on my Instagram (please come say hi) you would’ve seen I’m going through final edits of MEDUSA and also, despite the crazy, I have managed to start THANATOS (Book 5) and I’m so freaking excited about it. If you have read ASTERION you would know how much fun the Titan Triplets are so you can imagine, I’m having a blast with this one. Wonders never cease, but it’s important to do the things that make you excited and hopeful right now. Here is a proper description of MEDUSA and the cover again because fuck me, it’s beautiful!

The most beautiful gorgon in legend. A blind thief with everything to lose…It’s going to be a heist to remember.

MEDUSA is book 2 of The Court of the Underworld, a new paranormal romance series, based in a dark dystopian future where Hades rules a court of gods and monsters in modern day Greece. 

In the city of Styx, Medusa rules her media empire from behind the safety of a thousand screens. Her kind of success is bound to attract enemies, and Medusa has her own private sculpture garden of people that have tried to cross her.

Blinded and orphaned as a kid in Styx, Perseus has trained his other senses to become the greatest thief in New-Greece. He cares only about two things; the art gallery that’s going to make him legit, and his baby sister Dany.

When Dany is kidnapped by a new gang calling themselves Pithos, Perseus has no choice but to take on one impossible job…break into Serpentine Tower and steal a necklace from Medusa, the only token in the world that protects its wearer against her deadly gaze.

When Medusa catches Perseus in the act, and the sly, sexy thief manages to escape her coils, she’s going to stop at nothing to get her property back.

With Dany’s life hanging in the balance, Perseus is going to have to convince Medusa to become his partner in crime, but keeping it strictly business with the demigoddess may be his toughest job yet.

Pre-order it here.

*If you have read ASTERION, I have put 3 sneak peak chapters of MEDUSA in the back, so check them out too*

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