‘Deepest Cut’ sneak peek

“Do you know why I call you Beatrice? Because she was the source of all of Dante Alighieri’s longing and desires. The perfect thing he always wanted and knew he could never, ever have.” -Toughest Deal Look at my babies! This beautiful piece was done by Lemonade Doodles (on Instagram) and I am OBSESSED withContinue reading “‘Deepest Cut’ sneak peek”

You asked for a date, I listened…

Firstly, huge massive thank you’s to all of you reading ‘Toughest Deal’ at the moment! As you know, I’ve been a bit nervous about releasing in the Mercenaries world after such a long break. You guys have made me feel all the love! The comments, messages and reviews have filled my crusty old heart withContinue reading “You asked for a date, I listened…”