Luna Cursed – Sneak Peek!

‘Luna Cursed’ is pouring out of me at the moment and I thought, bugger it, I’m going to share the Prologue and Chapter One just because I can.

While I have you, super big thank you to everyone who has been reading, rating and reviewing ‘Elf Shot’ at the moment. It means so much to me that you guys just get on board with my crazy lol. I had my two year anniversary as a full time writer on the 31st of August and I’m still here, still writing my books and that’s all because of YOU.I’m so fucking grateful and always will be.

Now the mushy stuff is out of the way, here is some Tor and Ciara! I’m on track to release this in October and I can’t wait because these two…well, you’ll see lol.

Alessa x



There are many stories about how the Ulfheðnar first came into being. Some say they were called to life at the time of creation and have always been walking the earth. 

Others claim that Odin All Father gathered nine of his best warriors before a battle and blessed them with power and strength, imbuing them with the spirit and form of wolves. These berserkers swore their loyalty to Odin for the gift and pledged their allegiance and those of their bloodline for all time. 

This is the story that the Ulfheðnar tell now. That they are the blessed warriors of Odin and will always be loyal to the All Father and those of his family until Ragnarök ends them all. On that day, they will fight by the sides of the Aesir and meet their end as the Norns decreed. Until then, whenever the All Father calls, they meet him on the battlefield. They are always prepared for the call, honing themselves into an elite warrior society, ready to serve the gods. 

There is one other story that had always been whispered far from the pious ears. It told of a third creation of the Ulfheðnar. They came into being not as a blessing from Odin but from a curse. 

In the beginning, there was Fenris. 

A mighty wolf, the first shape changer godchild. Born of Loki, the god of change and tricks, and the powerful giantess Angrbothr. Fenris was the first wolf shapeshifter, and he had been no threat to the Aesir. Fenris lived, and Odin hated that he was more powerful than his own children. He fretted that Fenris would one day rise and take his rule and cause trouble like his father so often did. 

Fenris loved, and when his mate became pregnant, Odin acted. He couldn’t allow such beings to be born stronger and more powerful than man. He swore to bind Fenris for the safety of the realms and set about laying his plans, gathering support from the gods. None of them dared to tell Loki. 

For all of his great wisdom, Odin overlooked Fate. And Fate does not like to be forgotten. 

So the Norns made plans of their own. 

They told Fenris that there was only one way for his family to live. He had to send his mate and children far away, hiding them in Midgard until the All Father’s temper cooled. Fenris himself had to submit to the All Father’s binding as the price of keeping his family safe. He had to become the monster that all would fear. 

Fenris did. He let the gods tie him down with Gleipnir, magical bindings created with the sound of a cat’s footfall, the beard of a woman, roots of a mountain, the breath of a fish, the spit of a bird, and the sinews of a bear. 

Mighty Fenris submitted for love and swore his vengeance on the All-Father. 

After a time, Odin learned of the wolf shifters living and thriving in Midgard. They had forgotten Fenris, their father, and they didn’t know the story of where they had come from.

Generous Odin blessed them with a new story. And they were thankful and oh, so loyal. The chaotic power in their blood had been tamed. And Odin slept easier at night. 

Deep in the darkness, Fenris waited, and he dreamed.

Chapter One 

Tor was tired, and at the same time, he was wound up tighter than he had been in years. He had turned down Alruna’s offer to portal him back to Oslo after Arne and Layla’s mating party. He craved the drive, the still cool spring air streaking through his hair as he drove too fast. He needed to get away from Finnmark.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy for his blood brother; it was a joy to see Arne with Layla. Tor loved her like she was his own blood and only wanted happiness for the both of them.

Tor just needed to get away, and get his head together. To not think about the one person that hadn’t been there to share the couple’s joy. Lachlan had said that Ciara had requested leave and had fallen off-grid. They didn’t seem to worry about it, as if Ciara did that kind of thing all the time.

Tor instantly got a twinge of unease between his shoulder blades, like his wolf side sensed the trouble brewing. It didn’t think that Ciara was lying on a beach in a bikini, though it did take a moment to think about how it would look. 

What was she doing that she was off-grid? Tor didn’t like worrying about someone who didn’t like him. He didn’t want to think about how she spent her holiday…and with whom. Especially not with whom.

Tor hated that he cared most of all. He hated that he picked her up in Svartalfheim, buried his face in her neck, and breathed in her apple blossom scent. He knew he would live to regret it.

And gods, did he regret it. Ciara was the Wolf Slayer; she would never let a wolf touch her again. His wolf didn’t like that one damn bit. Luckily, it didn’t have a say in the matter. Ciara Ironwood would never trust a wolf to hold her or keep her safe. 

Tor had gotten back to Oslo and had slept for two days. He had only dragged himself out of bed when someone had decided to bang on his door. The scent of blood hit him halfway across the apartment. 

“Fuck, what has happened now?” Tor yanked open the door, and Ciara Ironwood collapsed into his arms. “Ciara! What the fuck! You’re bleeding.” Her clothes were soaked in it, her scent full of the sharp fear. Tor picked her up and carried her inside. “Gods, Ciara.” 

He fucking knew she wasn’t on some beach getting a fucking tan. He placed her on his couch, not caring that the blood would stain it. 

“Torst…Listen to me,” she croaked. 

Tor went down, so they were at eye level. “Okay, I’m here. What happened?” 

“Tor. I found…I found where Varg was hiding. W-We fought. I got away, but he b-bit….” Ciara stammered, her skin going paler. 

The wolf inside Tor roared in fury. “He bit you? Ciara, you need—” 

“Shhhh, not the important bit.” 

“The fuck it isn’t,” he snarled. The infection would already be in her bloodstream. The touch of her hand over his mouth made him still. Her eyes were sliding out of focus. 

“Tor…I found your sister,” she whispered. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and Tor caught her before she face-planted the carpet. He pushed down the fear and panic that suddenly roared through him. He pulled her jacket off and lay her down. She was passed out, not dead, but if he didn’t help her, she would wish that she was. Tor grabbed a medical kit from his bathroom and crouched beside her. 

“Sorry about this,” he murmured. Gripping the collar of her t-shirt, he tore it to expose her neck and shoulder. A low growl emanated from him as he pulled off the sodden fabric she had over the weeping wounds. He could see the pattern of the teeth that had tried to tear through her. He was going to kill so many people for this. 

“The fuck you doing hunting Varg on your own?” he muttered. He washed the wounds out with saline and put fresh bandages over them. He only needed to slow the bleeding until he could get her the help she needed. He fished his phone out of his pocket and rang Alruna. 

“Tor, darling, did you get to—” she began. 

“Auntie, I need you to make a portal to my apartment right now.” 

Alruna didn’t hesitate. The air burned with magic, and she stepped from her kitchen and beside Tor. Her eyes went wide at the blood all over his hands and the broken woman on his couch. 

“Varg bit her. We need to get her to Gudrun before the infection takes hold,” Tor said, picking Ciara up in his arms. 

“Tor, she is the Wolf Slayer,” Alruna said softly. “You know that Gudrun might not want to help her.” 

“Ciara is Layla’s family. Layla is now Odin’s family. Ciara is Odin’s family. Gudrun will help,” Tor replied, his mouth filling with fangs. 

“I hope you know what you are doing.” Alruna opened a portal, and a hut appeared in front of them. Tor held Ciara tighter to him, and she whimpered softly. 

“I got you, little one. It’s going to be okay now,” he promised her. He just hoped that the Völva was in a good mood. 


Luna Cursed will be out in October, but expect maybe some more sneaky chapters before then because let’s face it, I can’t help myself.

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