Mercenaries & Magic Update

Look at these beauties!!

I’ve been getting M & M questions a lot so here is a super quick post that should clear up the big ones:

  • Book 3 – Toughest Deal – Altun and Julian ( Release – Jan / Feb)
  • Book 4 – Deepest Cut – Dante and Leo (Release – Mar / April)
  • Omnibus paperback release (Release – May/June maybe earlier depending on cover desgin and Amazon approvals etc)
  • I’m going to work on these after the final Ironwood (Luna Cursed) is released in October.
  • I’m going to Istanbul in October so expect location posts, teasers and other fun stuff.
  • I’m going to do bonus chapters from Athena and Leo / Dante POV like I did in ‘Sharpest Edge’ …and none of this ‘end of the book’ bullshit. They will be IN the story. There will be blood shed. There might be some spicy smutty treats. I know this isn’t ‘usual’ for romance that usually focuses on only the main couple, but fuck it. I want them. You guys want them. Let’s do some head jumping. Let’s make Kon do some Turkish oil wrestling. Let’s get him naked after….What? I’m thinking out loud.

Thanks for your patience, I know you’re super keen for this misfit family to continue their adventures. I’m researching my ass off and you’re in for a really fun ride.

Alessa x

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