Ironwood Update!

In case you missed the ‘God Touched’ cover reveal on my Instagram, please admire the hotness that is IMOGEN IRONWOOD! I literally screamed when I saw that ax.


To get on with the update, I have sent ‘Trash and Treasure‘ off to my editor for a final round of proof reading this morning which means it is one step closer to being ready. As predicted and promised, this pre-order is going to be out early and I’ll make sure I shout it out when I have a final date. It’s not far away!

This week I have started working on book 2 ‘God Touched’ that is Imogen’s book. This lady is on fire in book 1 and I’m so excited to finally write her. She is a MOOD and I am obsessed with her and all the moody and broody that is Arawan.

FYI – I am NOT doing to a pre-order for ‘God Touched’. Due to family shit happening in late April early May, I can’t promise anything right now because I don’t know how swamped I will be. I can promise my usual stance of when it is ready, I will tell everyone and release it. I’ve tried with my last few releases to get into pre-orders but honestly? They have only really stressed me out, so I am canning them. You all know I release something every 2-3 months anyway, so they seem kind of pointless from where I am sitting.

Thats all from me!

Alessa x

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