Wrath of the Fae Audio out tomorrow! (And an Update)

Hello lovelies, just a quick reminder that the full boxset of ‘Wrath of the Fae’ audio is launching tomorrow! I am SO excited to share this with everyone. The narrators I got for it seriously kicked ass in bringing this whole world to life. I’m still a little shook that I’m going to have my very own audiobook out. It’s WILD to think how far this has all come since I launched in March 2020. I’m so grateful to all of you that are willing to give my crazy kids a chance.

You can check out the audio right here!

Speaking of the Fae Universe did you all see this on my Instagram??


I’m kicking off writing IRONWOOD in February. I was really too haggard from finishing off ‘Sharpest Edge,’ doing edits, and launching the Wrath audio to want to attempt to start it this month. This year I’m trying to work less hectically but we will see how I go. You guys know what I’m like, I feel super organised that I’ve managed to get a pre-order for this baby up so early. It says June (to give me loads of time) but it will more likely be April.

Here is blurb!

‘Ironwood’ is the spin-off series in the Fae Universe, featuring everyone’s favorite supernatural hunting family. Follow the Ironwood sisters as they get into all kinds of trouble, slay all day (literally and figuratively), and find true love along the way.

‘Trash and Treasure’ is about the family’s magical master, Charlotte Ironwood, and her hunt for Morrigan’s escaped General, the Battle Bard, Aneirin.

She’s going to need to team up with Dublin’s rag tag magicians if she’s going to stand a chance of sending Aneirin to the Afterlife. Unfortunately, magicians fight like cats when it comes to co-operation, and she’s going to need serious help to herd them.

Charlotte will have to suck up her pride and work with Reeve Greatdrakes, trash magician (and trash person according to Charlotte) and the man that broke her heart, if they are going to have a chance to free Ireland from the spell Aneirin is weaving on it.

Please note a full blurb is coming soon!


It’s going to be WILD and I can’t wait. If you are interested in pre-ordering our lovely Charlotte, here is a link for you.

I hope you are all well and safe wherever you are in the world. Melbourne is getting smashed by Omnicron and I’m so exhausted with the news that I’m no longer paying attention to it.

I mean, I have more important things to worry about, like Silas in gray sweatpants 😛 I heard a rumor that ‘Sharpest Edge’ is going to be out on the 8th of February too, just so you know.

Alessa xx

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