2021 wrap and what’s up 2022?

Well, don’t they look attractive? It’s been a massive year in so many ways. Like ‘Darkest Night’ wasn’t supposed to happen at all and it still managed to squeeze its ass in there!

Which brings me to what I got planning for 2022?

That’s right y’all are finally getting IRONWOOD, the spin off to the fae series (yes the princes are in it). I told you it was coming!

I’m not putting up dates because as you know, I have ADHD and preorders stress me out so I don’t do them until I have the book in editing and almost ready to go

I didn’t expect to be writing ‘Sharpest Edge’ (Silas) first, but he kind of made the decision for me. Technically, I’m meant to be having time off to deal with all of 2021 and get my brain together, but I’m shitty when I’m not writing *something*. I’m working on it, but not pushing myself because I’m still determined to have a break, so I’m gonna tentatively say end of Jan/ early Feb for it.

I will say straight up front that I intend to have a bit of gentler year next year with hopefully no lockdowns. These books will probably be a bit longer than my usual so will take a bit more time to write and edit. I still want to release every 2-3 months but don’t bust my balls for anything that’s not on the above list (or paperbacks because it’s still not gonna happen)

BUT ALESSA WHAT ABOUT MORE GODS? Okay, yes, I’m going to write more in the Gods Universe (is anyone surprised? No? Me neither). I’m planning Roman goddesses next, Bellona (war goddess, who you met in SET), Laverna (Goddess of Thieves) and Eris (Goddess of Chaos). I’ll be working on these AFTER the Ironwood series is done. I’m not promising them next year, but they will be coming.

So that’s it, darlings, the Big Plan…and damn is it going to be a good time. I’m going to have a date for the “Wrath” audio book and dammmmmnnn is it good. If you’re on my Instagram you would have seen me sharing the trailer for it with a sample, because I’m so excited for it. You are not ready for the hotness that is Lucas Webley’s voice, I’m telling you now.

If you are keen for ‘Sharpest Edge’ you might get a surprise around Christmas time, so keep your eyes peeled for another newsletter.

Alessa xx

2 thoughts on “2021 wrap and what’s up 2022?

  1. OMG I’m so excited about your plans and can’t wait for all of the books. You are one of my favorite author and all of your books are fantastic. I just love the way you combine modern world with myths, magic and gods.

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