Wings of the Night Prince Blurb!

I have an official description for ‘Wings of the Night Prince’!

Cursed to kill all he touches, the Night Prince lives in solitude until he’s kidnapped by a goddess of war. Only the best bounty hunter in Ireland can save him before Morrigan turns him into her perfect weapon…

Killian knows his time is up. Whether Morrigan kills him or his curse does, he’s been more than ready to die for centuries and just needs to wait it out. That is until a hunter turns up and makes a deal with him; she’ll free him from Morrigan’s prison if he willingly returns to Ireland to die at the hand of her mysterious client. At this point he has nothing to lose, and anything is better than Morrigan.

Bron Ironwood comes from a family of hunters. Her ancestor almost killed the Night Prince centuries ago, and in turn, he promised to destroy the entire Ironwood line. If she manages to get Killian back to Ireland, not only will she be rich, she’ll be protecting her sisters from his wrath forever. Two birds, one stone. What could possibly go wrong?

Neither one will be prepared for the mating bond that’s determined to mess with all of their plans. Not only will they have to stay out of Morrigan’s grasp, but they will also have to unite hunters and the creatures they are trained to hate if they have any hope of keeping Morrigan from destroying Ireland.

‘Wing’s of the Night Prince’ is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and sex scenes.

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