New Series Announcement

I’m officially announcing that I’m working on Egyptian Gods next! Now that Kill has gone off to the editors, I’m taking a brief trip back into my ‘Court of the Underworld’ Universe (that I really need a proper name for), and writing Egyptian gods! Blame Hermes for this with his comment about meeting Anubis once when he was drunk…damn Hermes.

Okay stuff to know, I’m only writing 3 books and they will be 1. Set (God of War) 2. Thoth (God of Magic) 3. Anubis (God of the Dead). All 3 tie in to the Egyptian Underworld called the Duat, so my death gods kink is alive and well. Yes, Hermes and Selene will make an appearance, no, you won’t have to have read the Greek Gods books to be able to enjoy these ones.

I’m so freaking excited! I’ve wanted to write these for over a year now and done a shit ton of research that I’ll finally get to use, like for example the graphic above has the three hieroglyphics for each of the gods because I’m a nerd that way. I have my covers being designed so expect some sexy reveals soon because you know I’m hopeless at holding out!

Alessa x

2 thoughts on “New Series Announcement

  1. Yay!!!! Omg so looking forward to these! I absolutely loved the Greek Gods book and legit read them all over a few days 😂


  2. I really enjoy your incorporating gods into a contemporary series. Looking forward to the next installment as well as this new series!


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