Cocktail for Charon

Here is another ‘Court’ themed cocktail to tantalize your taste buds and lower your inhibitions. This is actually my favourite of the lot, and it features in CHARON as Persephone takes over the mix master powers from Ariadne for a night.

Speaking of CHARON, myself and my proof reader are going through the final version of it this weekend so I’m hoping to get it live by this time next week! Fuck yeah! I’m so excited for you guys to read it, it’s leading up to ‘End game’ with a lot of things so there is a lot going on in it. EREBUS is going to be the last one in the series so I’m taking some extra time this month to go through it and really make sure I’m satisfied with the ending. That’s not to say I’ll never write in this world again, I fucking love Greek Gods and Monsters so while it might not be related directly to the Court, I love the idea of other characters popping their heads up (looking at your Eris baby). AND I’ve also thought about heading over to Egypt, and doing three books with Egyptian Gods, including finding Anubus cursed in his jackal form (thanks for that Hermes, love).

As for my next series, I’m thinking Fae Apocalypse. Before you wail in despair about another Fae series, hear me out. You guys know me, I’m keen on my monsters, so it won’t be an insta-love drama. It will be more vibing with Lara Thalassa’s Horseman Series than a gooey fated mates read. I’m talking revenge seeking, war mongering princes who want to destroy as much of humanity as they can before their curses kill them. It’s going to be like a literal fae apocalypse, with these cursed princes returning to wreck havoc. For those who have read the FEVER series, I know that the Fae Apocalypse Trope has been done by Moning, but as much as I love certain aspects of that series, I still felt really unsatisfied by a lot of others. So the only solution – write my own. It will only be three books and they will probably be slightly longer than the Court books because of that. I dunno about you guys, but 2020 has been the shittest, lamest apocalypse EVER, so I want to rectify that by writing a better one and who knows? Maybe it will be therapeutic. I’m planning on writing a decent sample and popping it in the back of EREBUS for you guys to have a read and see what you think.

Anyway, I better go and get stuck into this proof reading. I hope you are all keeping well and safe still,

Alessa x

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