Venom of Medusa

Up next in our ‘Court’ themed cocktails is Venom of Medusa, a cocktail so good it will make your fangs pop. Like the Serpent Queen, it comes with a warning to handle with care if you don’t want to end up on your ass. The lolly also soaks up the alcohol so have fun chewing on that at the end.The unholy night it was created I had three and the rest gets a bit hazy…and I woke up with taco mess everywhere and I seriously don’t remember making the tacos.

In other news, THANATOS went to my editor this morning for a final clean up, and I finalized the cover design. Holy shit, I was not ready for how hot this cover turned out. I was in a day job zoom meeting when I got it through and I had to turn my camera off so no body could see the big ass grin on my face when I looked at. I’m hoping to get it out to you in the first two weeks of August. Like HERMES, I’m not bothering with a pre-order, I’ll just shout it out loud when I make it live.

EREBUS drafting has passed the half way mark and it’s going to be full on for the rest of the story. I really want to tie the world up and make sure it ends well for everyone.

I’m also starting to think about ‘Where to Next for Alessa’…I have quite a few ideas kicking about that I’d love to explore, like a trilogy based on Egyptian Gods in the same world (Hermes mentioning ‘that one time in Egypt when he met Anubis who was cursed in his animal form’ was laying some ground work for them). There’s also a Fae Apocalypse trilogy that I have loads of ideas for thanks to fucking COVID, don’t worry it wont be as damn depressing. I’m going to see what floats my boat after I’m done with EREBUS but in any case, you’re going to be loaded on Alessa until November.

Thanks everyone for leaving reviews on Good Reads and Amazon aswell. I don’t use Goodreads because its a place authors should not tread, but I do stick my head in occasionally and see that the Court books are getting some interaction – so thank you.

Alessa x

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