Upcoming Free Book Promos

Hey Everyone

I’m back in lockdown and kind of depressed about it so I decided to book some Free Book Promos for the rest of the month to cheer my mopey ass up. Make sure you mark them in your calendars or tell your mates!

I’m still aiming to get THANATOS out mid August at the latest and have been busily doing my final edits before it goes off to my copy editor next week. I know I say it alot but I frickin love the Triplets. These books aren’t any kind of retelling, they are all fresh new stories and its so much fun playing around in this world. For those who have read HERMES, you’ll know that Hecate is about to make an appearance and bring a whole wave of new and exciting shit with her. Keep an eye out for a cover reveal towards the end of the month!

Look after yourself, wear your masks, and be kind to others – 2020 is being a big enough dick to everyone as is.

Alessa x

One thought on “Upcoming Free Book Promos

  1. The Triplets are my favorite too! Especially Erebus I’m so in love with his craziness! I can’t wait for these books to come out!

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