‘Mercenaries and Magic’ Face Lift!

‘Mercenaries and Magic’ have had a face lift thanks to the legendary wizard skills of Damoro Design. And here is Sharpest Edge! And YEAH the next two books in the series ‘Toughest Deal’ (Altun and Julian) and ‘Deepest Cut’ (Dante and Leo) are also getting done at the same time. I might be persuaded toContinue reading “‘Mercenaries and Magic’ Face Lift!”

Elf Shot Cover Reveal and Update!

Look at this hotness! I’m OBSESSED with this cover! As you may have guessed, Layla and Arne are up next in the Fae Universe with ‘Elf Shot’! I am busily getting all my notes and research together for this one and have begun my intense chapter planning. It’s one of the ones that is goingContinue reading “Elf Shot Cover Reveal and Update!”