Song of the Sea King is Live!

This sexy Sea Daddy is now live and ready to read! Grab it here! I love me a grumpy fae and I had so much damn fun writing this one. I’ve always wanted to live in a lighthouse too so I couldn’t walk past the opportunity to put one in this book.

Big thanks again to every one who has been getting on board with this series. I really appreciate the love. I’ll never stop being grateful that this is my job, and that its you guys that make it possible!

Because I know you will ask…Taranis’s book (slutty Dragon Daddy of my dreams) is going to be out probably the first week of July. So not a huge wait. Don’t worry there’s a lot of Greatdrakes content as well to keep you all happy lol.

As a quick writing update: I’m having a bit of reset while I try and get my brain in order for writing the next adventure. I’m thinking a gargoyle book and back into Gods Universe but we will see what my winter seasonal depression says on the matter. When the Big Sad hits I usually follow whatever project is going induce the most dopamine to keep me writing.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy Mananan and Ella’s adventures and please don’t forget to drop it a rating when you done!

Alessa x

2 thoughts on “Song of the Sea King is Live!

  1. I opened my kindle this morning and there it was! I am over the moon to start it. I love your stuff – I can’t wait. I read on kindle and then purchase the books -I like them pristine on my shelf – Thanks

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