Secret Projects Reveal!

Okay, so a lot of you know I’ve been a busy little writer bee working on something since I finished off my “Mercenaries and Magic’ series.

I am super excited to give you: The Lost Fae Kings.

Whaaaat??? You didn’t think the princes had no other family did you?

Better hold onto your knickers because the Uncles have entered the chat.

I give you Oberon, Mananan and Taranis in all their sexy silver fae foxy glory!

(Art by the amazing Lemonade Doodles)

Oh yes. Soak in that BDE.

The long lost Uncles of the fae princes are here to cause havoc on hearts, ovaries and brovaries, as well as meet their entire sprawling clan of Ironwoods and Greatdrakes.

Why not Greatdrakes or Fenris next I hear you cry! Hear me out. I wanted to do them but I didn’t have stuff in place that I wanted within the world. Taranis? That hot mother fucker in red in the above photo? DRAGON. Yeah, I knew you’d like that. Trust me, you’ll love these three as much as the others and you will see why I had to make them first.

I was feeling really down and burned out by the end of last year from family stuff and I needed to write a comfort series that was like magical hot chocolate with sexy Fae D, and Insta voted for more Fae Universe, so here we are.

And cos you know I love you, here is the Prologue and Chapter One of Oberon’s book ‘Dance of the Forest King’



Long, long ago, before human kings tore apart Albion, fighting like dogs over meat, and curses split the worlds with magic, the human world and Otherworld of Faerie were as close as breath and heartbeat.

There were paths in the woods, standing stones, and ocean caves that were doors to other lands. There were celebrations on Solstice nights and magic that flowed freely, giving the land and its people its power, health, and vitality.

Magic wasn’t hoarded by a privileged few; it was cultivated.

There were shepherds of this magic who ensured that the lands that were so entwined stayed in harmony. They were kings. They were gods. They were family.

They were of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Oberon, the eldest, was in charge of the forests and the animals that resided in them. The herds were never thinned, and woodlands never grew scarce.

Mananan commanded the seas and the rivers, ensuring that the waters remained abundant and clear and that all the sleeping horrors of the depths stayed that way.

Taranis ruled the skies, harnessing lightning, thunder, and rain. He was a creature of air and fire and power. He tended one of the most ephemeral things of all—magic. The ether in which it belonged, the blood in which it pounded, the voice of the song that the worlds sang at their hearts. Magic was the pulse of the worlds, and it flowed between them in perfect harmony.

Like all things, this harmony didn’t last. The dark goddess Morrigan reached for power, and even though she was contained at great cost, her poison had still done its work. The connection between the lands of Faerie and Albion began to weaken. The balance of power crumbled when a curse separated them for centuries.

There was a way to break every curse.

When Morrigan was finally thrown down and her generals were defeated by three fae princes and their extended family of Ironwoods and Greatdrakes, only part of the magic returned.

The lands were still out of balance, the magic flowing between them in the barest of trickles. Both were dying without the other.

The kings of the Tuatha Dé were not about to let that happen. It was a matter of family pride, so they would call on family to help them.

Long lost family perhaps, but nothing stayed lost forever.

Chapter One

Chrissy had always believed in magic. It had been years since the fae returned to prove her right, but it still sent a thrill through her every time she saw magic around her.

Nothing was more magical than Stonehenge on Winter Solstice, except for perhaps Kian’s castle that was always decked and the party loud. Not only were they celebrating Solstice, but also the anniversary of the fae returning to England.

They had a somber remembrance in the day to honor the battles in London, exacted by a very cursed Kian. Peace treaties were renewed, and protestors marched. None of it was violent or magical because the events were run by humans.

The night was another matter. It was at the Henge. A party was hosted for the fae who didn’t think it was a bad thing that Kian had gotten revenge for them.

It had taken Chrissy a while to be able to look at Kian and see her best friend’s mate and not the golden armored Scourge of London. He had been cursed and bound to a magical oath, and no one could deny the destructive power of that.

Chrissy practically lived at the castle once she took up the job of helping Elise sort out the restoration and cataloging of the library. She couldn’t think of anywhere she would rather be on Winter Solstice. She had grown up watching the Christmas Beauty and the Beast movie and had loved the festive opulence of the Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter. They had nothing on Kian’s castle. The fae loved a party and were beyond extra when it came to decorating.

This year was no different. The entire grand hall was hung with roses and fir and pine bowers. Red and gold candles were everywhere. A huge Yule log burned in the middle of the fire pit. The tables were covered in platters of roasted food and fruits. Wine and ale vats were overflowing. The huge extended family of Ironwoods and Greatdrakes had arrived with Arne and Tor and a whole contingent of elves.

It was chaos. It was glorious. It was so far from the awkward Christmas she would be having with her sister, Lou, and her kids in a few days’ time.

When their parents had been alive, it had always been a fun time with their own vast extended family from the West Indies and anyone from their mother’s church. She had married a white guy, but unlike Lou, she had stayed connected with her community. Their house at Christmas had been a never-ending party of people.

That all changed when their parents had died in a car accident and Lou had married the most boring white guy she could find. Darren was in some kind of property developing. He loved Lou and the kids, and that was enough for Chrissy. He was just…boring.

Christmas was spent now with Darren’s elderly parents and family. Chrissy, who was always too loud, too colorful, and too pagan, always felt left on the outside.

Amongst the fae, with her braids threaded in gold to match her green and gold velvet dress, Chrissy wasn’t even a little bit awkward or out of place. She was wearing a crown of holly berries, and she felt like a princess.

“I was wondering where you went! You have to try some of this spiced cider,” Elise said, coming through the crowd with two horn cups. She was dressed in red and gold. Her bodice was sewn with golden roses, and she looked every inch the royal mate. “It’s like an apple pie orgasmed cinnamon in my mouth.” Well, at least until she opened her mouth, and then she was all Elise.

Chrissy laughed loudly. “It sounds filthy. Give it to me.” She had a large gulp, and it was just as good as she imagined.

“There we are. That will fix you right up,” Elise said. Her cheeks were flushed and shining. “Why were you looking glum?”

“It was a temporary fit of melancholy. I was thinking about having Lou at my place in a few days. I kind of hope someone here gives me a cold so I don’t have to go through with it. I know! I told them I’d do it, but they will never be this fun,” Chrissy replied. Elise had told her she was crazy to agree to it.

“Should I find you someone feeling poorly to snog? I’m happy to,” Elise teased, waggling her brows.

“Oh, please by all means, do it. It’s been a while since I’ve made out with anyone, and I can just imagine Darren’s face when I tell him. He’s given up trying to set me up with any of his work friends, thank Gaia.”

Elise pulled a face. “What about you says you want a husband like him anyway?”

“Exactly. His mother tells me every year that I’m getting too old to have children and I need to settle down,” Chrissy replied. She had also made subtle comments about watching her figure that Chrissy ignored. She had thick thighs, big tits, an ass that took both hands to grab properly, and she didn’t give a fuck what a skinny old white woman thought about it.

“Jesus, it’s not 1952. You are in your thirties. You have plenty of time if that’s what you want.” Elise shook her head in sympathy. “You’ve never had a problem getting a date, and that’s not about to change.”

Chrissy drank more of her cider. It wasn’t about getting a date. She didn’t want any guy. Like always, she wanted magic.

She wasn’t about to settle for less either because she knew that kind of impossible love existed. She had seen Elise and Kian, and all of her other friends with their partners. That intensity was the kind of love she wanted. She would never find it with a Darren.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t found it amongst any of her pagan mates or the fae either. Her ex was the leader of her old ‘coven’ and was a bastard, but he at least understood her love of magic.

“You know what? I’m going to need another one of these before I spiral into a pity party,” Chrissy said. She looped her arm around Elise’s, and they walked through the hall.

Imogen and Bayn were caught up in a drinking contest that was getting out of hand. Imogen’s lavender hair had been pulled back into a determined ponytail. Bayn’s smirk of delight was a dangerous thing to behold. Bets were being passed around by the fae, and Freya, Bron, and Killian were encouraging them. Arawan looked on with an amused tilt to his lips that could have almost been a smile.

“Who do you think is going to win? Because I think Imogen has him,” Chrissy commented.

Elise laughed brightly. “As long as they pass out and don’t puke in my castle, I don’t care.” She showed Chrissy to a cider keg where a pretty brownie filled their cups with a copper ladle.

“Ah, here you two are,” Kian said, appearing out of nowhere and wrapping an arm around Elise’s waist. His antler tips were painted in gold, but that was about as festive as he got. Chrissy and Elise had tried to convince him that wearing a red nose was a human tradition that he should adhere to, but he was on to their tricks and hadn’t fallen for it. Elise was going to wait until he was asleep and get a photo of him wearing one.

“Your mate is forcing me to drink cinnamon orgasms, and she’s the boss, so I must obey her,” Chrissy said, taking her full cup back and having a large mouthful. “Cinnamon Orgasm is the perfect name for a cider.”

Kian chuckled, a deep husky sound. “I’ll tell the brewers to paint it on the sides, shall I?”

Chrissy was still laughing when all the fae seemed to pause, and the hall hushed. The hair rose on Chrissy’s arms, but she couldn’t make out the cause of it. Her heartbeat picked up, a deep thrum in her chest like her heart was trying to burst free. “Elise? What’s happening?”

“Magic…big magic,” she said, her eyes shining golden for a moment like Kian’s. Chrissy went to ask for an explanation when three loud knocks echoed on the wooden doors of the feast hall.

Kian, Killian, and Bayn were suddenly standing in front of their mates. Arawan had a hand on Imogen’s shoulder, his eyes shining silver. Arne, Alruna, and Tor were on their feet, as if readying for a fight.

“I think someone is at the door,” Elise said, her voice coming out with a shaky laugh. “Kian?”

The Blood Prince held a protective hand out to stop her from moving around him. “I feel…” His voice drifted off.

“Fuck, I know that magic,” Killian murmured.

The doors blew open with a wild wind that made the candle flames flutter. Three huge, hooded figures walked into the hall, bringing with them an aura of magic so powerful, it made the world shake.



I know you all love Chrissy, and didn’t I tell you I had a plan? Don’t you know I love you, which is why THIS BOOK IS ALREADY LIVE!

Not only that, it’s on a special launch price! The price will go up on Tuesday 11th so make sure you grab it while it’s hot and cheap like yours truly ;p


Alessa x

16 thoughts on “Secret Projects Reveal!

  1. I am always glad to see a new book from you. However, you said you had finished Mercenaries And Magic. No, no, no! You just left the last book hanging. Dante didn’t even ask Leo to marry him. He just told everyone it was a done deal. Were I Leo, I’d be mad as hell. I couldn’t help but think there’d be another book coming to finish this out and wondered how long I’d have to wait to read it. Now, I guess I never will. So disappointed. That wasn’t right. He embarrassed Leo and hurt his feelings. It would serve him right if Leo left him to stew for a while….

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      1. Thank you so much for the response…I look forward to whatever your brain produces! Even gargoyles (although I read 6 books about it from another author so apparently I have a kink for it lol)

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  2. OH MY GODS!! I haven’t been on IG in months, so thank the Gods for your newsletter!! I just about fell off of my chair when I saw the email for this, read the prologue & stuff – & then let out a shriek so loud I woke people up when I saw it was already live!!!

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  3. Also, I meant to add this in my other comment, but the fact that the FMC has the same name as me (although mine is usually spelt Chrissie) has me feeling *some type of way*…and not in a bad way! 😍


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