New Fae Princes Covers!

Surprise! My new character covers for ‘Wrath of the Fae’ have arrived! I’m so fkn excited and IN LOVE. My designer out did herself as always and I can’t sit on these babies any longer (hehehe I would sit on their…nevermind).

To celebrate ‘Kiss of the Blood Prince’ is going to be free all next weekend. I’m in a real ‘lets give away free shit’ mood lately. It always cheers me up.

Just like this cover for Bayn does….

Seriously. LOOK. I can’t even with this hottie. And those daggers? Slay me Winter Daddy.

Need MORE dopamine? Shhh. Yes. We all do. No one does dopamine injections like Kill.

OOooff those wings.

Because I know you will ask…I am going to do a new cover aswell for the paperback and the box set. It’s being designed at the moment. I’m just impatient AF and had to show these off like NOW. It’s coming. I promise.

Alessa xx

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