Ironwood Paperback is live and an update!

Great news! The omnibus paperback and ebook box set are now live on Amazon! I got back from my trip to Greece and Turkey, jetlagged but excited to jump back into writing again so I decided to release this one earlier than expected. You know me, I have zero impulse control when books are ready to go lol.

You can grab the paperback here (and man is it a thiccccc girl).

Also, a gentle reminder (and I will put future update on my books page too)…YES, The Fae Universe will continue. I have zero plans to close off any of my universes unless you guys say you don’t want them anymore. Now I have some headspace again, I want to make a plan for next years books I want to write. Yes, there will be a Fenris standalone, and yes, there will be Greatdrakes books. As always, I will let you know what I am writing. I can’t make any further promises than this, at this stage.

In current writing news, I am working on ‘Toughest Deal’ and enjoying the hell out of being amongst my mercenaries. The horny trauma babies are in full crazy mode in this book and I make zero apologies for the chaos. The inmates are definitely running this asylum at the moment and I’m letting them. I plan on working on ‘Deepest Cut’ straight after it, and will start releasing these early next year.

I spent some time on my trip in Istanbul, and it really got me excited again to be working on this series again. It also made me want to write more Gods books – especially since I went to Troy and got excited for my ERIS book! Don’t worry I have written down ALL the notes and ideas for when I tackle it (probably next year?). Traditionally, I write Gods, then Fae, then Gods etc. but I’ll keep you posted.

Go and enjoy Ironwood and if you are on Insta, please tag me in your pics! I love seeing my books in readers hands, it sparks joy.


Alessa xx

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