Luna Cursed is Live!

Ciara and Tor are now available on Amazon! Hurray! I’m so excited how this one came together and how it wrapped the Ironwood’s up for the year. You can grab it here!

I’ve been getting some questions on where I’m going next so spoiler free, here’s what’s happening:

  • The Ironwood box set and the Omnibus Paperback will be coming in November. I’m still waiting on the covers and I’ll have the massive paperback to check through etc in October. So yes, November for those two.
  • Yes, there is more books coming in the Fae Universe in the future. I’m thinking of a few stand alones within the world, and also the beloved Greatdrakes boys. Come on, you know I’m not going to let those magical lads get away from me.
  • I am writing two Mercenaries and Magic books next. The first one will be available probably in January but I’ll keep you all posted.
  • I am going to be on holidays for the latter half of October so expect some Istanbul and Greece pics on Instagram! So excited to be going to these places that I’ve spent the last few years writing about. It’s going to be my first holiday since Covid and I can’t WAIT.

That’s all from me, I hope you guys all love ‘Luna Cursed’ and please don’t forget to drop a rating on the ‘Zon to help other readers find my bad ass Ironwood ladies!

Alessa x

6 thoughts on “Luna Cursed is Live!

  1. I am so in love with your books! But I was wondering if there is any more audios in the works? I grabbed up the Fae trilogy on Audible and would love to have the Ironwoods as well.

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    1. I’m still waiting to see how this first audiobook has done. I’d love to do more but I need to make sure that it’s paying for itself first 😉


  2. I am totally hooked into this series and the mercenaries aswell. I am really into your writing style, it is just exactly what I need in a book. Fan forever and ever more!! xx

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