‘Elf Shot’ Update and Blurb

Great news everyone! Elf Shot is finished and it has officially gone off to my editors! Hurray! I’m so tired and happy as I usually am when I’ve finally written ‘The End’ on a project but this one especially.

As you all know this time of year I get seasonal depression and it can really fk with my productivity and ADHD. This book has been the PERFECT balm for my frayed edges and I hope it has that effect on you too. It’s a lot of fun but it’s a comfort read too, and with the hellscape that is the world at the moment, I think everyone can use a bit of extra mental cuddles and hot elves being adorable.

I have already begun compiling all of my notes for ‘Luna Cursed’ which is Ciara’s book and the final Ironwood. You get to see alot more of Ciara in Elf Shot so I have no doubt that you are going to be obsessed with this bad ass as much as I am.

I’m going to keep you all updated as usual on when ‘Elf Shot’ is live, but in the mean time here is a fun blurb to tide you over:

The Norns have decreed that the only way to stop Ragnarök is if Layla Ironwood stands with the elves. It’s a shame a certain elf prince ruined the one chance he had with her.

Layla Ironwood has a destiny whether she wants one or not. As someone who considers herself the least interesting Ironwood, it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get her to believe she’s the key to stopping the apocalypse.  

Arne Steelsinger knows he messed up by not telling Layla the whole truth about his heritage. He’s willing to grovel to get her to the Elf Summit, but there’s a bigger problem he’s going to need to overcome; Layla is his mate, and she’s refusing to have anything to do with him. 

Both of them will need to work through their fears and misgivings about their relationship fast because Morrigan’s last general, the Norse god Vili is coming for them all. 

Vili wants his revenge on the Nine Worlds, and it will take Layla and Arne trusting the bond between them — and a wild pack of extended family, gods and fae princes — to stop Ragnarök coming early. 

Please note, ‘Elf Shot’ is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and sex scenes.

Alessa x

7 thoughts on “‘Elf Shot’ Update and Blurb

  1. I hope your mental energy gets a boost off all of us waiting for Elf Shot! I am so excited it feels like I cannot read anything else while I wait. So silly:)

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