‘Mercenaries and Magic’ Face Lift!

‘Mercenaries and Magic’ have had a face lift thanks to the legendary wizard skills of Damoro Design. And here is Sharpest Edge!

And YEAH the next two books in the series ‘Toughest Deal’ (Altun and Julian) and ‘Deepest Cut’ (Dante and Leo) are also getting done at the same time.

I might be persuaded to share them if you don’t hit me up for release dates.. I swear they up next after Ironwood wraps at the end of the year.

In other news, work on ELF SHOT is going strong and I am having a ridiculous amount of fun with Layla and Arne.

Alessa x

6 thoughts on “‘Mercenaries and Magic’ Face Lift!

  1. Yay! Cannot wait for Dante and Leo (but I guess I’ll have to lol)!! The covers look amazing, the other day I actually realized which of the Gods books I had reread by whether they had the new covers!;

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