Fun stuff heading your way!

Whhaaaatttt??? Alessa doing paperbacks? YES IT’S TRUE. After saying forever that I’m not going to do it, here I am. A lot of things have changed in the past few months, that have convinced me to give it a go.

The main one being BIG changes has been in Amazon and KDP here in Australia. We usually get things ALOT later than America and other places in the world, and KDP print is no exception. The biggest change is that they are allowing AU authors to order Proof copies and Author copies. This is a big deal, especially because it means that I can make sure the printing quality is awesome before I press the LIVE button. This has made the option of doing paperbacks a lot easier and stress free.

Another change is that I have been seeing Indies doing Omnibus editions, which hadn’t occurred to me. This really sparked my interest, and when I asked my Instagram followers they said they would be happy if I did something similar.

As you all know, I try and keep my business as green as possible, and the thought of having separate single editions of all my books out there didn’t sit great with me for a lot of reasons. I’m super conscientious about cost too, because I try and keep my prices down for my readers. By only doing the box set versions in paperback it was a lot cheaper for me to produce, and you to buy. These are Print on Demand, which means theres only one printed when someone orders it, so it’s not wasting so many trees.

The good news, is all of these are going to be available in the coming weeks. I’m currently finalising checks on Court V2, Gods of the Duat, and Wrath of the Fae. I’ll shoot out a short email as each one goes live on Amazon.

What about Mercenaries and Magic and Ironwood, I hear you say. Well, when they have reached their four book end, I’ll bundle them and release those too. You all will just have to wait patiently until then, but Ironwood should be out by Christmas, and I’ll be working on M&M next so it won’t be a massive wait, I promise.

First up is Court of the Underworld V1, which collects books 1-4, and it’s available now, right here!

Alessa x

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