Winter Prince Update!

Big news guys! ‘Heart of the Winter Prince’ has gone off to my editor today! Hurray! I am so pumped about this book. I’m working on a decent description to share with you all in the next week or so, so keep your eyes open for it! I have a major crush on Bayn and you guys are NOT ready. I don’t have a release date for you yet either but I know it will (hopefully) be in the first half of March.

In other news, I’m almost ready to start write Killian’s book, the next in series, and I already have that tingling in my ovaries that says I’m going to be in for a good time. I’m going to do some cover reveals for his book as well soon.

I’ve been blown away by people’s reactions to this new series, so thank you everyone who has been reading and leaving reviews and ratings. It was a hard decision whether to go with the fae books or the Egyptian god books, but that you are getting on board with my princes makes me so happy.

What have you been reading? I’ve just finished LORE by Alexandra Bracken and fucking LOVED it. Usually I hate YA or NA but the characters were really great and it had the amount of blood and savagery that I like in my Greek gods based books.

I’m off to go and collapse in a heap in front of the Playstation because my brain is mush from finalising ‘Winter Prince.’ Hope you all are keeping safe!

Alessa x

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