‘Court’ Boxset Promo alert!

I’m giving you guys an early heads up to let you know the full ‘The Court of the Underworld’ Boxset is going to be on sale this weekend only! I will change the pricing on Friday and it will be on promotion until Monday. Make sure you tell your mates to nab a copy while they can at this price, because having this kind of sale on a full boxset won’t happen very often. Also, don’t forget to leave a short review when you can. It’s one of those things that make the Amazon find my books, so if you loved them this is the best way you can help me (and other indie writers) out. I really do appreciate every single one not just because it means you read my book (yay!) but also because you took the time to do it and I know time its not something that people have a lot of at the moment *insert kissy face appreciation and love heart eyes*

For my regular readers, I’ve been working on some Labyrinth and Court inspired cocktail recipes. Those who have read the books know Ariadne is a bit of wild potions master, so some mates and I have been *ahem* ‘experimenting’ with different alcohol mixes to create some beauties inspired by the books and Greek Myth. It was a sacrifice we were willing to make. I’ve been dicking about in Canva and have even created a Labyrinth drinks menu format to show them off with. I’m going to share the first one with a blog next week so keep your eyes peeled! Also, keep an eye out on my Instagram because I’ve created a very cool animated version that I can’t figure out how to share her (I’m just not that tech savvy lol).

Happy reading!

Alessa x

The Court Boxset Description:

Sing, O’ Muse, of how the gods returned to build a new world from the ashes.
Sing, of the new city of Styx, and the monsters that govern its underworld…

Hades has risen from the Underworld with this court of demigods and titans, and built his new city of Styx over the smouldering ruins of Corinth. Even though he’s saved Greece from collapse, not everyone is pleased that the gods have come of out hiding and are seeking to put them back in the darkness.

This boxset collects the first four books of ‘The Court of the Underworld’, with each book a dangerously sexy, fast-paced paranormal romance featuring Hades and the members of his Court. Follow them as they war against their enemies, and find that even monsters can get their happy endings.

Binge the whole series with Asterion, Medusa, Hades and Hermes as well as a sneak peek of book five, Thanatos.

Buy it here

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